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The Loving Yourself Whole

Private Mentoring Program


Offering you one-on-one expert support to help you identify the fears blocking the flow of self-love in your life and guidance toward using that love to align with your life purpose.

Is this PRIVATE mentoring program for you?

Are you:

  • A heart-centered or entrepreneur (or entrepreneur wanna-be) who can’t stop dreaming about a new life direction?
  • Are you ready to dig in and figure out what old coping patterns are holding you back so you can fulfill your soul’s purpose for this life?
  • Are you willing to be honest with yourself about how you use love and fear to make decisions? It's the only way to leave fear and confusion in the dust so you can take off on your life plan unimpeded by doubt!

Your journey to UNCONDITIONAL SELF-LOVE may begin with a nudge from your intuition/spirit guides/angels, but it’s up to you to commit to following through with removing the fear that blocks your path.

And it’s a WHOLE LOT easier when you stop going it alone.

This is a PRIVATE mentoring program where you will work directly with me, the author of The Love Liar: A Memoir of Narcissism, Codependency and the Pursuit of SELF-LOVE, who’s insight on my own life challenges has been deepened through decades devoted to spiritual studies to understand the human divine. It’s a step-by-step journey we will take together, one loving insight after another. When you devote yourself to this journey with an experienced, insightful coach who’s been there to guide and support you, you’ll be amazed at the ease with which you’ll be able to see your blocks, and the confidence you’ll have to power through them.

The end result being you living your heart-centered life’s purpose swimming in the love and joy with which you were created to make a profound impact on your life, the lives of your loved-ones and the world through love-centered decisions.

How Does My Journey Serve YOU?


What I’ll be teaching you is who you are at your core, from your divine center to your soul’s age, type, challenges and missions. This is to help you find compassion for who you are, what you’ve been through and forgiveness for the decisions you’ve made that aren’t serving you. This is the journey I went through that brought me to the place where I feel divinely connected and clear, while teaching me to have grace for myself when I feel disconnected and unfocused. This is where  I now operate, and it is how I’ve found the courage to get out of an abusive marriage, move across the country with my children, publish a book and create this coaching program—fulfilling my soul’s purpose to teach others what it means to love themselves whole. You can read a summary of my self-love journey here where you will find the many challenges I’ve encountered in life that have shaped me into the self-loving woman I am today.

Putting Your Needs Front and Center!

My aim is to work with heart-centered entrepreneurs who are caught in patterns of thinking and decision-making that keep them stuck in their business and life. Self-love is a misunderstood and underutilized gift that we each have. Learning to consistently align with this self-love is how we can uncover the changes we need to make in our thinking that will reveal the ideas and opportunities that will bring about your next big break-through.   


What You WON’T Find In This Program

  • The worry of being unseen or unheard in a group coaching program.
  • Not being given the space to go deep into your heart to uncover what you need to because you don’t feel safe in a group.
  • Fear that you can’t do the full extent of this important work because of the need to consider others in a group coaching program, and you lose the focus to follow through on an insight when it presents itself.
  • The frustration of wading through other’s issues in order to get the support you need.


What you WILL find in this program

  • Unconditional love and support in a truly safe space to dig into your past from someone who truly understands what that means.
  • Mutual respect and commitment guiding you to consistently to see where fear has taken over and love is pushed aside so we can create for you a new way of approaching life.
  • Personal attention and follow-up (gentle nudging for accountability) to guide you toward your birthright of Loving Yourself Whole.
  • Lifetime tools to help you maintain consistent self-love even when life gets really hard.
  • Relief from the ruling voice of fear that leads to chronic stress and confusion so that you can find the power within you to overcome it all and finally follow you’re soul’s purpose to the fullest.

The Loving Yourself Whole

Private Mentoring Program Includes


  • The 6 module, self-paced Loving Yourself Whole on-line program designed to give you deeper insights as to who you are at your core, awareness around the fears that rule your life and how to use that information to begin your self-love journey.
  • SIX MONTHS where you’ll receive two PRIVATE 60 minute Zoom calls per month to give you a safe space to systematically uncover your fear-driven thoughts and decisions, find compassion for them and shift them into love-aligned insights and ideas.
  • Access to guided meditations from my own teachers to help give your ego a temporary vacation so your heart has the space to tap into the unconditional love from which you’re made.
  • Loving support to help you with meditations when the mind-chatter overwhelms and threatens to take you out of self-loving practices.
  • Lifetime access to the Inner Circle of Love Group Mentoring, (for which there are 2 calls per month,) to get support from, hear other’s questions and perspectives and potentially give support to others (because I believe that when we teach what we’ve learned, we integrate it even more into our lives.)
  • The opportunity to be fully seen and heard as well as—should you feel comfortable with the spotlight—celebrated through my blog, videos, social media and speaking engagements to showcase your self-loving ways that allow you to love more and heal more. (This is how we partner in helping to change the world one self-loving soul at a time.)
  • Various tools and journaling exercises to help you remove old coping mechanisms and replace them with self-loving practices.

Transform Your Life With The Power of  

S   Soulful Reflection:

Start by discovering your true essence and purpose that is taught in the 6 Modules on-line, and simplified to align with most spiritual beliefs.

E  Empowering Mindset:  

Learn to cultivate an empowering mindset that banishes self-doubt and fosters unshakable confidence in your purpose.

L  Liberating Self-Compassion:

Embrace liberating self-compassion, by learning to understand and accept your past while releasing blame and judgment.

F  Fearless Self-Discovery:

Embark on fearless self-discovery to uncover hidden talents and strengths, unleashing your full potential.


L  Loving Connections:

Forge loving, judgment-free connections with yourself and others, creating deeper, more fulfilling relationships.

O  Optimal Well-being:

Achieve optimal well-being by nurturing your mind, body, and spirit, through meditation and loving reflection leading to a vibrant and balanced life.

V  Visionary Goal Setting:

Set visionary goals that align with your deepest desires, paving the way for meaningful achievements.

E   Empowered Action: 

Take empowered action steps toward your soul’s purpose to transform those all-consuming daydreams into tangible realities.

This program is for those serious about turning their all-consuming passion into a beautiful, vibrant life of love and influence.

You may think you’re okay with the status quo,

but your heart is saying otherwise and it won’t shut-up.

This program is for you if you are willing to open your mind to new ways of thinking about and utilizing the love within you, keep your heart open, and invest in YOU AND YOUR DREAMS.

Let me be clear, this is deep inner work that will bring you amazing results. It will help you finally realize your goals while teaching you how to be the self-loving person others want to be around and even invest in. But you will need to set your ego aside, be 100% honest—especially with yourself—and be open to discover the amazing person you truly are.

What Sets This Program Apart


Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find

all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.



The Loving Yourself Whole Private Mentoring Program is all about fully honoring who you are and unearthing all the barriers you have subconsciously built against your true self.

Your total investment can be recouped with you finally having the courage and clarity to follow your purpose and manifest what you need to bring the world your unique gifts. Is it that you want to write a book that will help others? Do you want to start a business or do you find yourself daydreaming about giving a Ted Talk? Maybe you want to go back to school and embark on a whole new soul-aligned career?

Self-love is the key to all of that.

If this resonates with you, let’s get on a call, to answer all your questions and then some.

This is my soul’s passion, to help you do this thing that will bring so much to your life and to the lives around you. I’m lucky that my self-loving work has a ripple effect, and yours undoubtedly will, too!

I can’t wait to begin this journey with you!

Make the “YES” decision to invest in Loving Yourself Whole!

Your Next Steps:

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  • Use the link in the email you’ll get after the assessment to schedule a call with me to see if you’re ready to do this work.