Loving Yourself Whole

Understand and Authentically Embrace

Self-Love to Heal Your Heart and Align You With Your Soul's Purpose


A 6 Module, Self-Paced, Online Training  

Includes 3 month access to

Inner Circle of Love 

Group Coaching Sessions with

Dr. Carin LaCount

Self-love Expert, Coach and Author of The Love Liar: A Memoir of Codependency, Narcissism and the Pursuit of Self-Love

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Discover the essential practices to empower a self-love that will heal your heart as much as it deepens your healing practices for others and facilitate real transformation in our world.

You're a spiritual old soul, and you know it!

I know you feel so much love for humanity and you're driven to make a difference in the world.

So, imagine a life where you tap into your vast life experience on this planet and are clear as to how to use love to fulfill your purpose. Imagine that you’re free of that annoying doubt as to how to manifest your dreams, and you genuinely feel compassion for yourself and others. 

Imagine that you can toss aside the frustration that your life isn't where you want it to be and know that you are exactly on track to make a difference in a world. 

The problem, despite being a spiritual old soul, is that you find yourself caught up in fear and overwhelm. You may even suffer a sort of imposter syndrome as you try to hide your relentlessly negative internal dialogue with a disingenuous positivity that borders on toxic. 

The obstacle lies in the fact that you work too much, you worry all the time, you're not sure you're doing enough for those you want to help and you struggle to resist the pull towards judgment and negativity.

You may feel a bit depressed and broken inside, and if you’re honest, you know you could do so much more to love yourself. 

Even though you've devoted years to the study of spirituality and the concept of self-love feels like a no-brainer, in a world saturated with fear-driven behaviors, you're noticing that you're blocked from authentically embodying love for yourself or even to see how cultivating self-love holds the key to you helping others, as you're so driven to do.

As an old soul, you've taken on a tall order for this life. You may or may not know that the work you do in caring for others actually holds the key to upleveling human consciousness. It's all in the assignment your soul has for this life. However, it's imperative that you are aligned with love for who you are in order to complete the purpose for which your soul has incarnated. 


It all begins with you. 


This is why I created Loving Yourself Whole.

I've designed this course to provide actionable steps, guiding you to a deeper understanding of your origins and fostering genuine self-love. Armed with this knowledge, you'll consistently tune into your inner guidance and reduce your frustration towards those whose fear-driven actions take you off course. This newfound peace and love will radiate, impacting your surroundings positively. 

This will facilitate a self-loving, more healed version of yourself who no longer looks to others for validation, and who has the clarity necessary to follow your inner guidance. You'll be amazed at how this work will help you find the self-loving choices that will deliver the abundant blessings that the universe intends for you. 

Consequently, you'll embody a love that extends to all, regardless of reciprocation, dispelling doubts about your ability to be one who facilitates a loving, positive transformation in our world.  

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By the end of this course, you will:

  • Have a deeper understanding of what self-love is, which is way beyond society’s concept of self-love through self-care.

  • Have your spiritual beliefs refined so you can connect self-love with who you are spiritually.

  • Understand why exactly it is that your creator wishes for you to create a life of love and abundance, because you living that life benefits all of humanity.

  • Learn what unloving practices you’ve developed and how to shift those practices toward a consistent, unconditional love for you and others.

  • Through the practice of self-love, you will create habits that honor who you are with humility and respect.

  • You will learn to tap into your intuition which will open your channels of creativity so you can be unimpeded by self-doubt and bring your transformational gifts to the world.


My Personal Story and Invitation to You

“How do I pray?” I asked my father. I was 6-years old and we were standing beside my mother’s coffin, a vase of wild-flowers I’d picked earlier that day perched atop the shiny mahogany.

“Oh hon-,“was all he could muster. We were Catholic, but not really practicing other than the obligatory Sunday mass. In my experience, religion never gave me the answers I was looking for. I was left to untangle the lesson of my mother’s sudden death all on my own.

As an old soul, I never questioned the spiritual nature of our existence, and I never stopped looking for answers to the big questions such as who we are, why we’re here and—as my mother’s death initiated early on—why we suffer.  

Fast forward to the year 2020. I was 4 years divorced from a deeply insecure and fear-filled man who had control over me for 27 years with narcissistic manipulations, and I was seeing similar behaviors all over the news and social media.

Like many old souls, the pandemic and the oddly coincidental attacks on BLM, LGBTQ, women and other minorities filled me with frustration, anger and a confounding need to love those who didn’t want my love or even know what to do with it.

It reminded me of my marriage.    

I’d found the lessons I was beginning to articulate in my book, The Love Liar: A Memoir of Codependency, Narcissism and the Pursuit of Self-love were beginning to help me find compassion for those caught up in the illusion of fear that’s gripped our planet.

But it was work. I needed to let go of my codependent ways, initiate boundaries and set priorities around whom I spent time with as well as dig in deeper to my spiritual studies to make sense of it all.

In essence, I was practicing self-love as I also identified the root cause of the world’s discontent.

Now I find myself consistently driven to maintain love for myself to maximize my ability to help others and be a positive contributor to the spiritual evolution of humanity.

I invite you to join me to develop your pursuit of self-love, learn without a doubt who you are and why you’re here, so you can use that knowledge to become a loving force for powerful change in our world through your work caring for others.

 Much Love,


What People Are Saying About Dr. Carin

"I found out the hard way that I was trudging through life without loving myself...and definitely not liking myself. When I woke up to this realization, Dr. Carin helped me see my issues in ways I had been blind to for years. Her caring, compassionate approach raised my consciousness and confidence to embark on my liberating head-to-heart, self-love journey."


Adam Bricker

CEO Atom Connects, Inc. Producer Faster Class T.V.

"Dr. Carin has a fresh and no-nonsense approach to this subject matter, delivered with the utmost style! Her knowledge juxtaposed with her humility and sense of humor lend a heartwarming feel to difficult circumstances."




Tiffany Locke

MMS, PA Physician Associate Family and Cosmetic Medicine

"Dr Carin’s personal journey is such an inspiration! Her strength, wisdom, kindness, and insight brings clarity and confidence to others in their quest towards full love and acceptance of themselves." 



Leslie Essing

Mother, Life Coach, M.Ed, Counseling Psych, Poet, Survivor

"Dr. Carin's journey exemplifies unwavering persistence, self-love and strength. Her ability to confront the hard truths and breek free from the fog of codependency is an inspiration, and she is uniquely equipped to guide others on their own transformative paths towards healing, self-discovery and love."

Samantha Wallen

Restorative Writing Mentor, Creator of Beyond the Journal Writing Community

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Module 1

Self-love is a Spiritual Right: Understanding How The Ego Blocks Love

Love is a powerful tool which we’ve been gifted by our creator. It’s also who we are at the core of our being. So why is life so difficult?  

In this module you will discover:

  • How the ego's fear keeps you from seeing the path to love.
  • What the ego is and why it even exists. 
  • Once you understand the ego, how you can be more in love with yourself and how you can be more loving toward others who don’t want your stinkin’ love, and why that matters.


Module 2

The 7 Levels of Energy: Nurturing Your Heart Through Energy Awareness

None of us are immune to the ego's fear, how we manage it starts with awareness.  When we are aware of how we are receiving and responding to our circumstances, it helps to quiet our ego and let love in.

In this module you will discover:

  • The 7 Levels of Energy from which we each operate.
  • How those energies can both serve us and hold us back.
  • How you can manage your own energy level with compassionate awareness.

Module 3

Your Soul's Energetic Destiny: Learning The Specifics of Your Soul's Intentions

Discover where your soul is on the path to enlightenment while you learn about the 10 soul age levels. You'll gain a deeper understanding of all souls on the planet and how the age of the soul drives our beliefs and attitudes.

In this module you will discover:

  • A brief overview of the levels of our souls as we go through reincarnation.
  • How your soul type, desires, fears, challenges and missions are the key to your purpose for this life.
  • How important understanding our soul's intentions is in cultivating a deeper love for self.


Module 4

When We Trip up: Cultivating A New Way of Being to Break FREE From Unloving Behaviors   

The lower, negative energy levels are very seductive. Without awareness, or even with it, we can see how we can get caught up in toxic patterns.

In this module you will discover:

  • How old, empathetic souls will gaslight ourselves to stay in toxic patterns.
  • Where in your life you’ve made decisions based on a fearful lower energy rather than a loving understanding of what you deserve.
  • How only you can help yourself: creating more effective self-love practices.

Module 5

Self-Love Begets Abundance: Learning How Loving Yourself Helps You Naturally Manifest Your Dreams.

Manifesting our needs and desires can be frustrating and confusing in this world of social media. It’s easy to get lost in the fear of lack and lose sight of what our heart truly desires.

In this module you will discover:

  • How mindsets--sometimes rooted in past life fears--can interfere with manifesting our dreams, and how to overcome them.
  • How money is a miracle, not the “root of all evil.”
  • Where self-love can be used to tap into our intuition and manifest our divine desires.

Module 6

What’s Possible With Love In Your Heart? Discovering how an alignment with self-love will reveal the path to your purpose  

So much more is possible in your life now that you’ve overcome the blocks to loving yourself. Your mind is more open and you’ve become more intuitive.

In this module you will discover:

  • How those nagging thoughts you’ve had about your life’s dreams or passions—your genius—is actually self-love trying to break through the fear of the ego.
  • Know what to do when the inevitable doubt kicks in.
  • How your love for you feeds the evolution of humanity's consciousness

More Praise For Dr. Carin

"I have known Dr. Carin for more than 10 years as an esteemed colleague and friend. She was most recently a 2x guest panelist about Narcissism for the Senior Executive Women's Network that I facilitated. Dr. Carin's coaching and weekly programs help you to discover repeat patterns about how you sabotage yourself from receiving your best life that you know you deserve. I highly recommend Dr. Carin, her coaching programs, and her book, The Love Liar for personal growth." 


Loretta Stevens

Founder, Senior Executive Women's Network, LLC 

"Carin possesses a rare combination of profound expertise and genuine compassion. Her deep understanding of codependency, narcissism, and the intricate dynamics of self-love is truly remarkable. But what sets Carin apart is her ability to connect on a personal level, to empathize, and to create a safe and nurturing space for growth and healing." 




Mark Porteous

Co-founder of the Soul Affiliate Alliance

"Carin is a true beacon of inspiration. Her personal journey is a testament to what self-love should truly look like. Her unwavering compassion shines through in everything she does."


Renee Porteous

Owner, Divine Order Management and
Co-founder of Soul Affiliate Alliance


"Carin is a brave survivor who makes the important connection between emotional pain and physical illness, in her book, The Love Liar. I am impressed with her vulnerability, strength, and tenacity."


Debbie Mirza

Best-selling author of The Covert Passive-Aggressive Narcissist


It’s More Than a Course - It’s a Community!

When you register for Loving Yourself Whole, a 6-Module, self-paced, online course you’ll become part of an inspired, vibrant, global learning community of people just like you who are seeking to break free from fear and love themselves whole.

You'll be given 3 months of access to the Inner Circle of Love group coaching calls that will take place 2 x a month. This will be a highly valuable and safe (we can't grow if we hold back because we don't feel safe to share) space to learn even more, ask questions, hear other's questions and support others on their journey as they support yours.

You’ll also have unlimited access to interacting online with Dr. Carin and your fellow students through a private Facebook page created exclusively for the participants in this course.

In addition to studying with Dr. Carin you’ll be learning from each other, supporting each other’s progress and potentially partnering with your fellow participants to continue your practice and development of self-love.

Here’s What You’ll Receive:

6 online teaching modules

Each module will guide you through specific topics aimed at deeping your spiritual knowledge of self-love to help you develop specific skills to connect to your inner self and more deeply realize your innate potential.

A $997 value


An hour of one-on-one coaching session with Dr. Carin 

You will learn so much in the modules, but integrating the knowledge into your every day life will take practice. Dr. Carin will meet with you for one hour before you start the course and one hour after.

A $250 value

3-month membership to the Inner Circle of Love Group Coaching

Meet with Dr. Carin and other participants of Loving Yourself Whole 2 x a month to more deeply integrate the knowledge and practices learned to keep you on track with your inner guidance toward being the change you want to see in the world. 

A $297 value



Here's a summary of what the 6-Module course includes:

  • 6 Self-Paced, ONLINE Teaching Modules
  • HIGHLY VALUABLE 3 month access to the Inner Circle of Love Interactive Coaching and Q&A Sessions, 2 per month
  • Private Course Website
  • Exercises and Practices for each Module
  • Downloadable Course Material



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per month / 3 monthly payments


About Dr. Carin

An optometrist with a penchant for helping people truly see the world and themselves in it, Dr. Carin is passionate about understanding one of humans most basic rights—self-love. She is driven by the tendency of most to misunderstand and unintentionally fall short on giving themselves love. She has been writing about her unique insights into the notion of Self-love, starting with her book The Love Liar: A Memoir of Codependency, Narcissism and the Pursuit of Self-Love as well as several articles published on Medium.com.

Her own self-love journey began in 2015 when she followed her heart out of an abusive 20-year marriage. Soon after she found solice in pole dancing, which is her primary form of fun and exercise. She also loves to walk nature trails, see, and espeically dance to, live music, and read, listen or watch whatever book, podcast or show inspires thought or makes her laugh. 

Having grown up in Menasha, WI, and lived there until she moved with her children to Austin in 2021, she dreams of expanding her self-love practice through travel. She intends to visit the Mediterranean soon and dreams to see the blue of the Agean Sea. The photo of her here is on the Hawaiian Island of Kaui in the Sacred Forest of holy Rudraksha trees in 2018.

Dr. Carin has a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, and a doctorate from the Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago, IL. She also has a coaching certification with iPEC-Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching, as well as a certification in Energy Leadership®

She currently lives in Austin, Texas with her two kids and their cats. She's had 4 standard poodles in her life, the last one, Dixie, crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2021. One day soon she intends to find the space in her life for another four-legged, curly-haired friend.


Frequently Asked Questions

For any questions not answered here please contact me at: [email protected]